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June 14, 2020

Hi folks, It has been several months since I have posted here and finally set some time to sit down and crunch something out. I hope you, friends and family are well as the world begins to reset itself after the COVID-19 happenings.


As some of you know, I am currently deployed with the National Guard which is why 3D-DZYN has been pretty quiet. January began this journey with training to do our mission at three different locations across a few months. We have now been in our jobs for a while, survived "the COVID", and although we are not completely through it yet beginning to come out of our shells. Here are a couple of pictures of myself working with my international partners prior to landing in our final destination.









In my off duty times I have been devoting my time to some new projects for 3D-DZYN to include the development of some European buildings, Stalag buildings for a Pulp Alley scenario I am developing, more SE Asia terrain and buildings and some new Western themed buildings. Some other projects include new shipping container designs, one of which is a preview of a NATO CHU (Containerized Housing Unit). These will interlock with our other container products which are completely modular. Look for these and more container projects coming up later this year on the website. 


 I have also been tasked with various projects to help the HQ to include map cases, layout drawings of our facilities and motor pool areas, and a "kit cross" as shown below.



















Finally, I have also been doing some painting on some miniatures for the Stalag/Pulp Alley project and some other figures that have been sitting on my desktop. You may see a mixture of Pulp Figures, Foundry, and eBob, and Warlord miniatures in the mix. My workspace is an old shelf from a broken book shelf.



Well, that's it for now. I have to run off to the next thing. Today is the US Army's birthday. We are celebrating with the company with a BBQ and some team sporting events. Happy Birthday US Army!


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