Miniature bases with a twist

June 8, 2018

A few weeks ago, DougH the author of the blog, "Dots of Paint", sent me an idea for some miniature bases that appear to be individual, yet are actually joined or clumped together giving the appearance of individual bases.


Doug had expressed the desire to have a grouping of bases so that he could move his armies and formations around the battlefield quickly, yet still giving the appearance of individually based miniatures. He did not like the horde trays of individually based miniatures provided by other manufacturers, so thus began the new idea. 


Given one of his earlier drawings and the "clumping" of bases together he nicknamed the bases "Petal Bases" as the clumps represented the petals of a flower.

 I spent one evening drawing up various designs and sent them to the laser. These initial bases are based on a 20mm circle and form various designs to accomplish a variety formations.

 I cut a number of variations in "clumps" of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and gathered them together to get to Doug. I met Doug at the Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society event - Enfilade! over Memorial weekend, and handed him some bases to test out. A week later I was surprised to get an email from Doug that he had used the bases on a some new Roman armies.

 As you can see the miniatures appear to be individually based, but picking them up, you will see they are mounted on the new bases.



 I'm sure Doug will have more pictures using the other patterns on his Blog site soon.


Moving forward. These will become a product on the up and coming web store on this site later this summer, and offered in 20mm and 25mm diameters. Until then, if interested, please email me for information and we can make arrangements to get some on your table tops.


I am not sure I am convinced on the "Petal Base" name yet Doug, perhaps "Clump Bases"?




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