3D-DZYN Updates and Works in Progress

July 16, 2018

Welcome back. I know it has been a while since we have posted anything. Life has been very busy for us lately. My full time job was purchased by another company and I have been heavily involved with the transition, the Oregon Army National Guard has been pretty busy as we prepare for a big evaluation this summer, and I have been creating new prototypes, working on some custom jobs and working on the up and coming web store. Thank you for your patience as we begin developing this business for you.


A few different projects that we have been working on include enhancements to new games I am getting involved with. 


The first is a storage box for the game 1914 by Great Escape Games. This is a early World War I game with miniatures that are 12mm tall. The base army includes Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery stands. The Storage box includes a pull out tray with slots for the miniature bases, a storage box for game tokens, the required game tokens, storage for the rules and cards, and the lid doubles as a dice tray.  Boxes for Belgium, British, French, and German armies will be available.

The second project is a game dashboard for the Two Fat Lardies game: What a Tanker. The rules come with a print out to control all aspects of your tank as you go through combat with the game. This custom dashboard, includes slots for your dice, tokens indicating the status of your tank, and slots for standard sized Sticky notes, to name your tank, and keep notes on the development of your tank. The dashboards also come with the tokens required to play the game.

 The third project is something I have been working on for a bit now. This is a tribal hut for use in the African Congo, South Pacific Seas, or any number of tribal homes. In some of the pictures you will see the original larger hut. I have since revised to make the hut smaller, but it could still go through a third revision. The Roof does come off for interior access.


The  last project I have been actively working on is a continuation of the modular buildings. This time with a Sci-Fi twist. Rather than having swing doors, the doors are slider doors that slide into the walls, modern windows, an exterior skybridge, ladder, and multiple building options to reconfigure the buildings to give your science fiction scenarios a twist and reusability.


That's it for now, off to my National Guard training. When I return more effort will be put into the web store to make that available and prep for an upcoming Kickstarter.


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