How We Got Here: Hi, I'm Ron. I have been gaming in one fashion or another since a child. While in Afghanistan in 2014-2015, I was missing gaming with fellow arm-chair generals, and began to think about what could be done to contribute to the hobby community, hence, 3D-DZYN was born. With a background in Architecture, Computer Aided Design, and creativity, I decided to create game terrain, architectural model kits, game accessories and gaming aids for your tabletop and our game community. If you have questions, need a specific type of model or gaming aid simply #AskRon by sending us an email, hopping on Twitter, or our Facebook page. Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy our products.

3D-DZYN is a Laser Cutting and Engraving Company, specializing in tabletop gaming accessories in the form of MDF and acrylic architectural model kit terrain, scatter terrain, movement trays, miniature storage options, and game accessories.



Canby, Oregon




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