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High Noon Starter Pack


It's almost noon. The tension is unbearable, Elsu's Warriors have been chased by Colonel Rodgers across the Sweet Water Gulch Territory. Now Elsu and Colonel Rodgers find themselves in Sweetwater Gulch both prepared to take a stand against one another. This is High Noon, a tactical combat board game set in a fictional Wild West universe. 


Taking your High Noon games to the next level, we have partnered up wth High Noon Game Inc. to create 3-dimensional building and scatter terrain to add to your High Noon board games. 


As with other 3D-DZYN kits, you punch the parts out and glue them together with simple white glue or wood glue for use in your games. The High Noon Loot Pack includes (18) Loot crates and Loot tokens/markers that can be placed within the creates for use with your High Noon games. These scatter terrain pieces can be used instead of the standard Loot tokens that come with your High Noon game.. 


Unless otherwise noted, any game figures or flat ground tiles are shown for integration with the High Noon board game not included.

High Noon - Starter Pack

  • High Noon Starter Pack.


    * (1) Wagon with 5x3 Engraved BaseTile.

    * (1) Cart with 4x2 Engraved BaseTile.

    * (1) Stack of Crates with 3x2 Engraved Tile.

    * (1) Stack of Apple Crates with 3x1 Engraved Tile.

    * (1) Crate

    * (1) Barrel

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 8 years.

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