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Our modular roads for 15mm wargaming, feature tabs and notches to help keep roads aligned during game play. These can be combined with our other road series to create a variety of combinations and fit in well with our Modular building series.


There are (6) options for purchases

* Unpainted - Etched

* Unpainted - Engraved

* Primed Black or Gray - Etched

* Primed Black or Gray - Engraved


What is the difference between etching and engraving?


* Etching is a technique where lines are scored into the material. In this case, road lines are scored on the mdf and is a faster and cheaper process.

* Engraving is a technique where the mdf material is removed allowing a revel in the mdf. In this case the road lines are etched away from the mdf. In a Primed piece, this is a good alternative as the road lines may not need to be painted as the primed paint is removed from the mdf. This process is a much slower and more costly process. 


Unless otherwise noted, any models or accessories shown for scale purposes are not included.

Modular Roads -15mm

  • Includes:

    * (4) Straight 6" sections

    * (2) Straight 6" sections with croswalk

    * (2) Straight 3-way intersection with croswalk

    * (2) 4-way intersections

    * (4) Straight 2-lane transition to single lane sections

    * (3) Right turn 45 degree corners

    * (3) Left turn 45 degree corners

    * (2) Right turn 22.5 degree corners

    * (2) Left turn 22.5 degree corners

    * (2) Single lane straight 6" sections

    * (4) Single lane Straight 3" sections

    * (4) Single lane right turn 45 degree corners

    * (4) Single lane left turn 45 degree corners


    * Etched or Engraved road lines

    * Unpainted or Primed roads

    * Modular system for reconfigurable road systems

    * Compatible with our other Modular Road Kits

    Some assembly required.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 8 years.

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